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North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is the “economic powerhouse of Europe”. The capital Duesseldorf ranks No.6 in the world among the best cities to live.

NRW was founded by the British government nearly 75 years ago as a region with now 18 million inhabitants. There are not only 19 of 50 biggest companies in Germany located in NRW but in addition around150 hidden champions that collectively position the NRW economy among the top 20 countries in the world by GDP. Its size and attractiveness make it the most important investment region between Germany and the UK and vice versa.

BCCG members benefit from members of all ages, expert knowledge and a divers network through a broad range of local social events ranging from

• insight visits at local corporates
• forums on topical current issues led by keynote speakers
• exclusive gala dinners with special guests from business and politics sharing their views on selected current topics.
• Golf & other more social type events

We are always on the lookout for new members; further details of which may be found here: http://www.bccg.de/benefits. Alternatively, please send us your details and we shall do our best to persuade you to join our first-class regional network.

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Guy StreetGuy Street
40670 Meerbusch
Mark RobertsMark Roberts
41844 Wegberg
Hans-Peter KreibichHans-Peter Kreibich
PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH
50668 Köln
Dr. Kyra BrinkmannDr. Kyra Brinkmann
Chairman YBCCG

Regional Events & Values
03.09.2021 German-British #Freundship Award, Dortmund
Alle Fotos: Jürgen Sendel
03.09.2021 NRW 75: NRW 75: City Meets Business, Düsseldorf
26.08.2021 Young BCCG NRW is kicking off!: Schnitzeljagd durch Düsseldorf - 75 Jahre NRW - Auf den Spuren deutsch-britischer Geschichte, Düsseldorf
03.02.2021 Webinar: A Virtual Evening with HSBC Germany
10.12.2020 BCCG Webinar:
Der Brexit-Deal – Praktische Informationen für Unternehmen
08.12.2020 Wirtschaftskongress BW meets UK
23.06.2020 BCCG NRW & etventure Joint Webinar:
The new normal - How to work online more productively?
31.03.2020 POSTPONED: Brexit Diary Unplugged, Düsseldorf
07.01.2020 Economic outlook 2020, Düsseldorf
25.11.2019 Gala Dinner Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf
02.09.2019 45. Jahresturnier der BCCG Golfing Society, Krefeld-Linn
05.07.2019 BCCG Breakfast: Digital transformation, Düsseldorf
14.05.2019 German British Business Outlook 2019 in Zeiten des Brexit, Düsseldorf
26.02.2019 BREXIT – Legal ramifications of a “No Deal” scenario, Düsseldorf
22.01.2019 Economic outlook 2019: Normalisation or something worse?, Düsseldorf
22.11.2018 Gala Dinner Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf
26.09.2018 Regional seminar on pensions and property, Düsseldorf
05.09.2018 The growing need for Cybersecurity, Düsseldorf
03.09.2018 44. Jahresturnier der BCCG Golfing Society, Krefeld-Linn
21.06.2018 Visit to RTL Cologne, Köln
26.04.2018 Luxusmode trifft Gewerbeimmobilien…….im Schatten des BREXIT, Düsseldorf
20.03.2018 BLOCKCHAIN – the future of Real Estate, Düsseldorf
15.02.2018 German-British Relations: Brexit and Beyond, Düsseldorf
23.01.2018 An evening at HSBC Germany, Düsseldorf
13.12.2017 Visit to the production site of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Düsseldorf
05.09.2017 Strengthening Trade with Britain, Düsseldorf
04.09.2017 43. Jahresturnier der BCCG Golfing Society, Krefeld-Linn
06.04.2017 5. Kranhauskonferenz Köln, Köln
02.02.2017 Gala Dinner with The Rt Hon. Greg Hands MP, Minister of State for Trade & Investment, Düsseldorf
05.01.2017 HSBC Economic Forecast 2017 - Event is fully booked, no more registrations available -, Düsseldorf
05.09.2016 42. Jahresturnier der BCCG Golfing Society, Krefeld-Linn
16.06.2016 ISR, "Education and Grill Evening", Neuss
18.05.2016 Visit at Rentokil Initial, Köln
11.04.2016 POSTPONED: 5th Kranhaus Conference Cologne
10.02.2016 EU Reform Lunch with HM Ambassador to Germany, Sir Sebastian Wood KCMG, Düsseldorf
06.01.2016 Economic Forecast at HSBC, Düsseldorf
20.10.2015 2020 and Beyond: Opportunities in the UK Rail Sector, Düsseldorf
22.09.2015 RheinCargo: Tour of harbour and port facilities in Düsseldorf and Neuss, Dusseldorf
07.09.2015 41. Jahresturnier der BCCG Golfing Society, Krefeld-Linn
15.06.2015 5th Cologne Compliance Day, Köln
15.04.2015 "Energy" Gala Dinner, Düsseldorf
13.03.2015 "Trade" Breakfast with guest speaker Tony Sims OBE, Director, UK Trade & Investment Germany, Düsseldorf-Wittlaer
08.01.2015 BCCG Region NRW's New Year's Reception, Düsseldorf
25.11.2014 Registration closed - Gala Dinner Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf
20.11.2014 The British & the Germans - Mutual respect, love or dislike?, Köln
08.09.2014 40. Jahresturnier der BCCG Golfing Society, Krefeld-Linn
05.09.2014 Prospects for economic growth in Germany and Great Britain, Düsseldorf
25.08.2014 The upcoming Scottish Referendum – current discussion and possible impacts on trade, Düsseldorf
04.06.2014 4th Cologne Compliance Day, Köln
06.05.2014 An evening at YouGov, Köln

"We support the BCCG Foundation as BP understands itself as a corporate citizen in all countries in which it conducts its business and because we find the aim of the Foundation worthy of support. The issue of education and mentoring of students play a central role in the support mechanisms that BP undertakes as a Corporate Citizen."

BCCG-TestimonialDr. Ruprecht Brandis
Director External Affairs Deutschland
BP Europa SE, Berlin

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