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The BCCG membership network has more than doubled its membership since the early 2000s.

Membership fees are low and company membership fees are based on the number of employees. Rebates apply to branches of members, new start-ups, to members of Young BCCG and to students as well as senior citizens. For further details, please see below and click the relevant links, or feel free to contact us at any time.

We also recommend taking the special VIP status of a Sponsoring Member.

By acquiring Sponsoring Membership, you will also reap the benefits of:
 - a higher visibility on the BCCG website with direct links
 - the list of Sponsoring Members in BCCG publications
 - first option for co-operation in events
 - invitation to the annual Sponsoring Members Dinner by HM Ambassador to Germany
 - priority placements of advertisements and PR-articles in BCCG publications

As we are very interested in expanding our network for mutual benefit for you and our current members, we welcome you to register with us either in writing or directly online, see online registration below.

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