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Photos of BCCG events as announced in the BCCG event calendar.

Photos are by our honorary photographer and member Jürgen Sendel, Berlin - Jürgen Sendel PICTUREBLIND.

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  Date / Event
3. Dresden Symposium, Dresden 29 Nov 2012
3. Dresden Symposium, Dresden
Business Brakfast bei Rödl & Partner, Berlin 07 Nov 2012
Business Brakfast bei Rödl & Partner, Berlin
Immobilienkonferenz, Berlin 29 Oct 2012
Immobilienkonferenz, Berlin
Frauen in Führungspositionen, Köln 25 Oct 2012
Frauen in Führungspositionen, Köln
Friedrich Merz, Berlin 15 Oct 2012
Friedrich Merz, Berlin
Gala Dinner, Düsseldorf 20 Sept 2012
Gala Dinner, Düsseldorf
Business Lunch, Berlin 05 Sept 2012
Business Lunch, Berlin
Sustaining Members Dinner, Berlin 05 Sept 2012
Sustaining Members Dinner, Berlin
Sommerfest der int. Wirtschaftsverbände, Berlin 24 Aug 2012
Sommerfest der int. Wirtschaftsverbände, Berlin
2. Commonwealth Dialogues, Berlin 18 June 2012
2. Commonwealth Dialogues, Berlin
Erneuerbare Energien, Hamburg 13 June 2012
Erneuerbare Energien, Hamburg
Business Lunch, Hotel de Rome, Berlin 23 May 2012
Business Lunch, Hotel de Rome, Berlin
Jahreshauptversammlung und Konferenz, Stuttgart 11 May 2012
Jahreshauptversammlung und Konferenz, Stuttgart
Business Lunch, Berlin 29 Mar 2012
Business Lunch, Berlin
1. Int. Kohlfahrt, Berlin 29 Feb 2012
1. Int. Kohlfahrt, Berlin
Burns Supper, Frankfurt/M. 21 Jan 2012
Burns Supper, Frankfurt/M.
8th Berlin Conference and New Years' Reception, Berlin 18 Jan 2012
8th Berlin Conference and New Years' Reception, Berlin

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"The UK and Germany are the two biggest countries in terms of employment for Rolls-Royce. Many of our people, including myself, have spent time in both locations in their careers. We therefore fully support young talent who wish to study in both countries as this supports the integrated work environment in Rolls-Royce. Well-educated experts are important for the success of our company and the aerospace industry. Through integration into our specialised departments, students can also gain invaluable practical experience and we can identify potential candidates for future employment."

BCCG-TestimonialChris Young
President Civil Small & Medium Engines
Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd. & Co. KG, Blankenfelde-Mahlow

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"In the last few years, INDIPA has successfully supported more than 100 international company formations in Germany. Through our membership in BCCG and its wide network, we look forward to reaching more British companies and assisting them in setting up their German business."

BCCG-TestimonialChristoph Schulte
Managing Director
INDIPA Unternehmensservice GmbH, Düsseldorf

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