11 Feb 2021 (Thur), 11:00 - 12:30 h / UTC +1 MEZ - Berlin

Virtual Networking Conference: Digital Industries: Berlin Brandenburg meets Scotland

When it comes to successful technology and market driven collaboration Berlin/Brandenburg and Scotland are ready to Go!

The German Capital Region and Scotland are born partners in data-driven innovations in of AI, Fintech, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and IoT / Industrie 4.0, just to name a few hot areas of collaboration. Together they form ideal grounds to develop applications for financial services/fintech, energy, mobility, digital health, smart cities and the digitization of modern life in Europe. The virtual networking conference provides an opportunity to German and Scottish IT & Tech players to connect and start informally exploring the synergies and meet potential partners for a cross-border collaboration.

Scotland has over 9.400 digital technology companies from software development and IT services with particular strengths in data-driven innovation. Edinburgh was recently named the UK's top city for start-ups and attracts more foreign investment than any other tech cluster outside London. Scotland’s digital technology sector is forecast to grow by 38% by 2024, making it the fastest growing sector in Scotland and increasing twice as fast as the Scottish economy overall.

The German Capital Region centred around Berlin has become a top location for ICT innovations. Together with the media and creative industries, ICT forms a cluster with about 48,000 companies and more than 240,000 employees from a wide range of fields: from media businesses, service-providers, publishing houses and advertising agencies to telecommunications providers and software developers. Companies such as Axel Springer, Deutsche Telekom, Mozilla, Nokia, Universal Music and Viacom International Media Networks are all based in Berlin. Start-ups such as Zalando, Sound Cloud, 6wunderkinder, Onefootball, Wooga, N26, Smava, Ada Health are just a few of the younger success stories that have been written in Berlin. Berlin is the digital innovation lab for most German industry. As a creative centre and internationally renowned start-up metropolis, major international media and communications festivals and trade shows take place in Berlin. IT-related research in the region is ranked internationally and the growth rates of the Berlin ICT sector are higher than average.


11:00 h - Opening remarks:
Dr. Alexandra Stein, Director, Scottish Government Hub in Germany
Anna Wozniak, Senior International Trade Manager Financial & Industrial Technologies, Scottish Development International (SDI)
Stefan Peikert, Alexander Altmann, Regional Group Committees & Chairmen Berlin/Brandenburg & Scotland, BCCG

11:10 h - Overview about Digital Industries in Scotland
Jane Morrison-Ross, CEO, ScotlandIS

11:20 h - Success stories of German companies in Scotland and support by Scottish Development International (SDI)
Graham Hatton, Team Lead Inward Investment, SDI

11:30 h - Overview about Digital Industries in Berlin Brandenburg
René Ebert, Managing Director, SIBB e.V.

11:40 h - Berlin & Brandenburg – one ICT capital of Germany Soft Landing Offers for Scottish Businesses
Markus Facklam, Area Manager UK, Berlin Partner
Otmar Hamp, Team Lead ICT, WFBB Brandenburg

11:50 h - Q&A and launch of REMO networking floor
Stefan Peikert

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"Durch meine internationalen Führungspositionen im Business Development war London mehrfach geliebter Wohn- bzw. Arbeitsort. Ich fühle mich dem Land und den Leuten seitdem sehr verbunden. Bei BCCG freue ich mich besonders darauf, meine Expertise in den Bereichen Digitalisierung, Bildung und Gesundheit einzubringen, zu denen ich seit vielen Jahren berate, forsche, schreibe und spreche. "

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