09 Dec 2020 (Wed), 13:00 - 14:30 h

Back to Business:
The Future of UK-German Economic Relations

We cordially invite you to our Berlin Trade Talk "Back to Business: The Future of UK-German Economic Relations".

Brexit is still a recurring topic throughout this difficult year and there are crucial days and weeks ahead of us for the future of UK-German relations.

It may not always be easy to keep track of the state of negotiations and to anticipate the impact of any future arrangement of relations on your own business.

Therefore, we would like to look to the future and discuss the following topic with you and our panelists in a virtual panel discussion:

“Back to Business: The Future of UK-German Economic Relations”

We are delighted that Mr Richard Burn, HM Trade Commissioner for Europe, agreed to take on this task. He will be joined in the discussion by the economic and energy policy spokesman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Mr Joachim Pfeiffer as well as by Dr Klaus Günter Deutsch, Chief Economist of the BDI, and Mr Eckhart von Klaeden, Head of External Affairs of Daimler AG - and of course by you!

Dr Holger Bingmann, President, International Chamber of Commerce Germany (ICC), Managing Partner, Bingmann Pflüger International GmbH
Ilka Hartmann, Executive Board and Presidium - Managing Director, British Chamber of Commerce Germany (BCCG)

Richard Burn, HM Trade Commissioner for Europe, Department for International Trade (DIT)
Joachim Pfeiffer, MP, Economic and Energy Policy Spokesman CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group
Dr. Klaus Günter Deutsch, Chief Economist, Head of Department Research, Industrie- und Wirtschaftspolitik, The Federation of German Industries, BDI e.V.
Eckart von Klaeden, Vice President, Head of External Affairs, Daimler AG

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