05 Sept 2018 (Wed), 18:15 h

The growing need for Cybersecurity

Professional Article: The growing need for Cyber Security
Guy Street Chairman

A mini-seminar with expert panel and ensuing networking opportunity

Sebastian Tischer
, Regional Director, Europe, Information Security Forum

Panel members:
Sarah-Jill Lennard
, Head of Deloitte Business Security, Deloitte UK
Oz Alashe MBE, CEO CybSafe Ltd. London
Markus Hartmann, Oberstaatsanwalt, Leiter der Zentral- und Anlaufstelle Cybercrime (ZAC) NRW
Stephan Bange, Digital Shadows Ltd. Deutschland

Cybercrime is rapidly on the increase, but many businesses particularly in the SME space feel overwhelmed by what are actually the threats out there and what can be done to protect firms from it. Against this backdrop we are delighted to bring together a panel of experts to discuss and educate us about the increasing digital security threats experienced particularly by mid-market companies both in the UK as well as here in NRW. In this context we will also learn that prevention is not just a technical IT led topic but has very much a HR awareness led dimension.

Please note, that photos might be taken at this event. If you have any objections to your photo being taken, please send us an e-mail prior to the event to:

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