15 Sept 2011 (Thur), 08:30 - 20:00 h

Conference on International Financial Centres

  Programm Luxembourg CONFERENCE ON INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTRES THE NEW FORCES IN WORLD BANKING: ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE GROWTH 2012-2020 MAIN FEATURES OF THE CONFERENCE The conference will be free-of-charge for invited guests, with an audience of 100 expected to attend. The gathering will focus on perspectives for key specialised areas such as private banking, asset management, custody and trusts, and treasury/ wholesale operations for institutional and corporate customers. CONFERENCE BACKGROUND There is general recognition that the world has moved into a new stage of international financial competition in which cross-border financial centres can no longer thrive, as sometimes in the past, on a combination of lax regulation, tax benefits and banking secrecy. Instead, in the new environment following the tightening of international capital requirements and a crackdown on regulatory arbitrage, international financial centres have to distinguish themselves in other ways. In essence, they have to bring together many different elements of competitive prowess in an effective professional "ecosystem" to create an attractive environment for profitable and dynamic financial activities. Competition among a cluster of important international financial centres - including and beyond the premier hubs of London, New York and Tokyo - is intensifying under the impact of diverse influences on world banking and financial markets. A wide variety of international centres is now active on the global finance and banking scene as individual countries recognise the key economic benefits, for their regions and beyond, of active, well-supervised and optimally-functioning banking and financial centres. The conference analyses the characteristics required from modern specialised financial centres around the world in terms of quality of services, density and spread of financial expertise, regulatory security, IT infrastructure and lifestyle & facilities / general ambience.

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