20 May 2015 (Wed), 13:00 - 22:30 h

Cologne Annual General Meeting 2015 and Conference


Conference title: The British-German Economic Relations –
Is a British Exit imminent and what are the Implications?

Venue: Ernst & Young, Börsenplatz 1, 50667 Cologne

13:00 h AGM Registration (members only)
13:30 h AGM: BCCG members will receive an invitation by mail incl. agenda middle of April

14:15 h Registration Conference
14:30 h Conference in German and English language (simultaneous translation available)

Norbert Strohschen, President, BCCG, Berlin
Panel discussion introduction and moderation:
Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg, Managing Partner, Centrum für Strategie und Höhere Führung - glh GmbH, Cologne

Participants of the panel discussion:
Tobias Armbrüster, Editor, Aktuelles/Zeitfunk, Deutschlandradio, Cologne
Dr. Hans-Christoph Hirt, Director, Hermes Investment Management, London
Dr. Wolfgang Kaden, freelance Journalist, former Chief Editor, Manager Magazin, Hamburg
Dr. Alexander Moscho, CEO, Bayer UK/Ireland, Newbury (Berkshire)
Prof. Dr. Michael Wohlgemuth, Director, Open Europe Berlin, Berlin

17:00 h Guided tour I (German), Cologne Dome (excavations)
17:45 h Guided tour II (English), Cologne Dome (excavations)

19:00 h Champagne Reception
Venue: Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst, Universitätsstr. 100, 50674 Cologne
Norbert Strohschen, President, BCCG, Berlin
(opportunity of participating in a guided tour of the exhibition), followed by

20:00 h Dinner
Dinner speech: Louwrens Langevoort, Executive and Artistic Director, Cologne Philharmonic Hall

This event is open for members and guests. Please note:
The AGM is for BCCG members only (13.00 h - 14.30 h)

About registration:
Cost Contribution Fee
20 May 2015 - Whole-Day Conference Package

BCCG members: 80 EUR p.p. Guests: 95 EUR p.p

After registration you will receive an invoice. Please transfer the fees in advance to the BCCG bank account as specified on your invoice, adding your name and invoice number. It is also possible to settle the account by credit card MasterCard/Visa (see invoice for details).
We will register your participation on receipt of your payment. Please note that cancellations can only be accepted if received by BCCG up to eight days before the event - full payment will be due for any cancellations made thereafter.

Registration deadline: 13 May 2015 Please register by e-mail to or fax:
Pls. click Einladung DEUTSCH / Invitation ENGLISH

Please indicate your menu option: meat, fish or vegetarian - under "Specials".
Under "Specials" you can also indicate if you do not wish to take part in one of the events of the day.

Please register early with our member hotels in Cologne due to other events at the same time. Our hotel list below shows special prices for members and guests of the BCCG AGM and Conference:

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BCCG North Rhine-Westphalia and BCCG Berlin
Ernst & Young GmbH
Börsenplatz 1
50667 Köln       ---> Google-Maps

Events Overview ...

"Zunehmend volatile Märkte und die rapide Digitalisierung verändern unsere Gesellschaft wie die Wirtschaft. Politische Faktoren wie der Brexit fordern uns in einer ungewohnten Dimension heraus. Sich hierüber mit anerkannten Experten auszutauschen, von gegenseitigen Erfahrungen zu lernen und gemeinsam Lösungen zu entwickeln ist essentiell - und dafür ist BCCG das richtige Netzwerk! Mir liegt die Verbesserung unserer deutsch-britischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen, wie auch die Unterstützung der notwendigen Rahmenbedingungen für eine prosperierende Wirtschaft sehr am Herzen. Hierfür möchte ich mich mit meinem Sitz im BCCG Verwaltungsrat stark machen, was auch letztlich der Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG zugutekommen wird. "

BCCG-TestimonialMarcus A. Wassenberg
Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG, Friedrichshafen

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