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06 May 2014 (Tue), 18:30 h

An evening at YouGov

Germans vs Brits - similarities and differences of two close neighbours

„Die Deutschen vertreiben die Melancholie mit Seufzen, die Franzosen mit Singen, die Spanier verbergen, die Wälschen verschlafen und die Engländer vertanzen sie.“ As this aphorism from Paul Winckler from 1685 implies, the relations between Germans and Brits have never been easy. But since the World Cup 2006 in Germany, things seem to be improving. The mutual respect is growing and the image of the two neighbours regarding each other is getting better.

The presentation of the evening will reflect actual cross-comparative studies that YouGov has run in recent years dealing with similarities and differences between Germans and the English. It will draw an amusing and entertaining view on the presence and the common future of the German-English-relationship.

Our host and presenter for the evening Holger Geißler studied Psychology in Heidelberg and Mannheim. He is board member of the German subsidiary of YouGov, the well-known and respected international market-research agency, established in London.

About registration:
Cost: BCCG Members Free of Charge
Non Members 15 EUR (admin fee, payable at the Event).

Please email your confirmation with the registration form (Download: Invitation) to Mr Guy Street or register online further down.

Download: Invitation

Venue:       Photo of venue by courtesy of Markus Bollen.
YouGov Deutschland AG, Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 72
50968 Köln
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