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EuroCrash! The Musical

EuroCrash! The Musical - a co-operation with the BCCG. For registration please see below. Nothing is more topical than the euro these days and the heroic attempts to save it. In such troublesome times we all need some light relief:   EuroCrash! The Musical is about to come to a theatre near you. It gives a new meaning to the drama of the single currency. And it should prove thoroughly entertaining, with wicked verses and great, original songs. EuroCrash! made its debut in Barnes, West London , in September 2011, and will run there for three days in January. Then, by kind invitation, the musical is coming to Berlin and Frankfurt, before continuing for a short spell at the Cockpit Theatre in London . Performances at:  The Old Sorting Office, Barnes, London (January 19 th to 21 st ) 8pm Tickets from the box office +44 20 8876 9885   Prime Time Theater , Berlin (January 24 th to 26 th ) 8.15pm Tickets at     The House of Finance, Campus Westend, 60323 Frankfurt (January 27 th to 29 th ) 8pm Tickets at  or  from the Campus Shop, Campus Westend, 069 798 34553   The Cockpit Theatre, London (February 8 th to 11 th ) 8pm Tickets at   About the show Meet Mark and Gilda - the Hansel and Gretel of Euroland - as they discover the fantasy world of European monetary union. Meet Papa Kohl and Madame Mitterrand, the charming couple who hold it all together; meet the Snake, a clanky prototype; Jean-Claude Trichet, the last great eurocrat; the PIIGS, paying for past profligacy; the dark eminence of the mighty Bundesbank; and the wild, exotic currencies of central Europe . All this gives us something between Gilbert & Sullivan and Berthold Brecht, with hard-hitting lyrics and great songs - all original. A thoroughly entertaining show of not much more than an hour, which will appeal to experts and laymen alike. No previous experience of the single currency is needed.  It is thought-provoking, even educational. A must-see for anyone involved in or likely to be affected by the future of the euro. 

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"As long-standing member of the BCCG with British reference, SCLS offers a top-class chauffeur and limousine service. We highly appreciate the international network of the British Chamber, whose members we reliably support in their exclusive logistic requirements within Berlin and surrounding areas."

"Als langjähriges Mitglied der BCCG mit britischem Bezug bietet SCLS einen Chauffeur- und Limousinen-Service auf höchstem Niveau. Wir schätzen das internationale Netzwerk der British Chamber, das wir als zuverlässiger Partner bei der exklusiven Beförderung in Berlin und Umgebung sehr gern unterstützen."

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Managing Director
SCLS Sykora Chauffeur & Limousine Services, Berlin

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